A Brahmin Herdsman's Job

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Read the billboard about a job herding brahmin for the Westin Ranch. Then go talk to Mr. Roger Westin about it to start the quest. His foreman, Felix, will show you the way to the Willow, the Westin field where his cattle graze. Children show up and start "playing" with the cattle. Solve this problem and return to Mr. Westin for your reward.

Note: Should any of the cows die, the quest will fail and the player character will permanently lose access to the Westin Ranch in NCR.

Before A Tent in the Wasteland this quest was an important source for a tent. There are more than 10 cows in the Willow, thus some players use this quest as a way to get their first 10 cow hides for a tent when they are first getting started.


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