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Implants and slot system is a new feature to FOnline: Forever, it allows you to boost your stats or give some special abilities.


Surgery Terminal in San Francisco is able to perform implant operations. In order to do that (for each operation), it needs:

  • a module for a particular augmentation,
  • a Neural Interface,
  • 100.000 bottle caps.

Only one modification can be implanted at once. A character is able to have only one implant per slot installed, there is 4 slots. Implants are a modification of the character and can be removed also at Surgery Terminal for 50.000 caps. This process will destroy the implant.

Installation Modules Red module.gif

Name Used Effect
Neural Interface For implementing actual implant in to your brain neural core. Will be consumed everytime you install new implant.

SLOT 1 Defensive Implants Defensiveimplant.png

Name Effects
Sub-Dermal Armor Implant Normal, Explode, Laser and Plasma resistances + 10%
Environmental Implant +40% Radiation, +50% Poison resistances and +5% Normal and Fire Damage resistances
Survivalist Implant +50% Sneak skill, +50% Outdoorsman skill and +40% Radiation resistance
Nemean Implant Normal, Fire, Laser and Plasma Damage Threshold + 6

SLOT 2 Medical Implants Medicalimplant.png

Name Effects
Chem Enhancer Implant Drugs last twice as long and stimpak heal an additional +10 HP, super stimpak +20 HP and ultra stimpak +30 HP
Health Implant +10% Healing rate and +50 HP

SLOT 3 Support Implants Supportimplant.png

Name Effects
Stability Enhancer Implant +30% to Big Guns, Small Guns, and Energy Weapons and +4 FoV
Optics Implant +5 Critical Chance, +4 Sequence and +3 FoV
Hyper Reflex Implant +20 AC, +1 AP and +2 Sequence

SLOT 4 Attribute Implants Yellow Module.gif

Name Effects
Hypertrophy Accelerator Implant Strength + 1
Optics Enhancer Implant Perception + 1
Nociception Regulator Implant Endurance + 1
Empathy Synthesizer Implant Charisma + 1
Logic Co-processor Implant Intelligence + 1
Reflex Booster Implant Agility + 1
Probability Calculator Implant Luck + 1