Collect the Radscorpion Eggs

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When in Junktown, talk to Doc Larrikin in the hospital to get this quest. Accepting this quest will temporarily highlight a map location, lair of the infamous "Black Claw" radscorpions. Be advised their poison is much stronger than other scorpions.

Kill all the 13 Black Claw Radscorpion and search them to recover at least 5 Radscorpion Eggs for the doctor.

Note: You can leave the location if you want, it will not disappear until you finish the quest. You can also die there and still be able to finish it.

Strategy Tip
With IN 7 and Doctor 100 or better, it would help to get the Rad Resistance support perk before taking this quest because it also boosts poison resistance, a handy advantage against scorpion venom. Bring some Antidotes too.


  • None