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Crafting allows players to create a brand new items out of raw materials. To craft an item you'll need to have the necessary crafting profession (some items do not require a profession, however) and the resources required to make the item. resources can be found in mountain encounters and caves. There is no safe mining sites anymore. Crafting is one of the most important features in the economy. Many players create characters whose sole purpose is mining, and crafting items.

There is currently different type of crafting stations for different type of items.

All recipes are opened for everyone, professions could be a possible craft requirements, blueprints have no effect!

Screen of NCR compount with Forge and Ammo presser.


Crafted items have a chance to get a bonus stat:

Advanced Combat Armor

Possible buffs for Armors:

Unique Plasma Rifle

Possible buffs for Helmets:

  • + Normal/Laser/Fire/Plasma/Explode Thresholds
  • + Normal/Laser/Fire/Plasma/Explode Resistance
  • - Critical Power mod
  • - Critical Chance mod
Advanced Laser Pistol

Possible buffs for Weapons:

  • + Critical Power
  • + Critical Chance
  • + Min damage
  • + Max damage
  • + Accuracy
  • + 1 MaxAP

Each item with buffs has a prefix, based on the number of buffs:

  • 1 - Quality (25% chance)
  • 2 - Improved (12% chance)
  • 3 - Superior (7% chance)
  • 4 - Advanced (3% chance)
  • 5 - Unique (1% chance)

There is almost 50% chance that a crafted item will have at least 1 bonus stat.

Click on what you need !

Craftable Items Professions Resources Mines
Craftableitems.png Professions.png Skinning.png Resources.png

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