Dr. Andrew

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"Doc" Andrew
Nmdoccaa sw.gif
Proto ID 468
SPECIAL ST:6, PE:5, EN:6, CH:4, IN:6, AG:6, LK:5
XP 75
Derived statistics
Carry Weight 14043
Sequence 10
Hit Points 45
Healing Rate 2
Armor Class 6
Action Points 8
Critical Chance 5
Unarmed Damage 1
Melee Damage 1
Defense Resistance Threshold
Normal 0% 0
Laser 0% 0
Fire 0% 0
Plasma 0% 0
Explosive 0% 0
Electrical 0% 0
EMP 500% 0
Poison 30%
Radiation 12%
Small Guns 50
Big Guns 12
Energy Weapons 12
Unarmed 75
Melee 75
Throwing 45
First Aid 45
Doctor 25
Sneak 23
Lockpick 21
Steal 18
Traps 21
Science 24
Repair 25
Speech 20
Barter 70
Gambling 25
Outdoorsman 55
"Doc" Andrew inside clinic.

A scruffy-looking man in a dirty brown shirt. His arms are covered with a bright red rash, which he scratches frequently. A dirty man wearing brown shorts. His hands are covered with the red rash, he scratches them from time to time. He has 85 hps.

"Doc" Andrew spends his time inside clinic in Vault City coutryard waiting for patients. Dr Andrew doesn't patch up people on his own - he is using machine called "Auto-Doctor". You can learn from "Doc" Andrew basics of doctor profession for caps. "Doc" Andrew not only sells some of his medical supplies but also First Aid Kits and Field Medic First Aid Kits.

Quests available

Investigate for Dr. Andrew.