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The market can be used to buy and sell items. There are two ways to buy items: looking through the items put on sale and placing a buy order. Likewise, there are two ways to sell items.


All market services are provided by marketeers which can be located in major cities:

  • Hub, down at the south end of the market
  • Shady Sands, near the bazaar entrance

Buying and selling

The market displays items put on sale by all other players. A buyer can browse and buy items as long as they have the caps. A seller can put items on sale and decide a price for it, as long as the item is a marketable item. When somebody buys an item, the seller will have their market account balance adjusted accordingly.

Items that can be sold

  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Ammo
  • Drugs
  • Books
  • Resources
  • Implants

Buy orders

Buy orders are a convenient way to purchase items in bulk (e.g. resources, ammo). To place a buy order you need to select the correct item from the list (what you want to buy) and type in the amount you want to buy and the unit price. You must also have the caps for actually buying the item ready.

After placing the buy order the order will be shown in the "active buy orders" section, and it will be available for anyone to fulfill. If someone fulfills the buy order, you can claim your new items at a marketeer.

If you want to fulfill other player's buy order, you must have the specified count of items ready in your inventory. After you select the option to fulfill the order the goods will be removed from your inventory and you will receive the caps.

Order expiration

If your item hasn't been sold within a week, it will be returned to your market store. Same goes for the buy orders: the order will be withdrawn and your caps will returned to your market account.

Where do I get my caps/items

Talk to a marketeer and ask them to see you market account balance/stored items. If the option isn't available you don't have anything on your account.