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Perks comprise three categories: level perks, support perks and weapon perks.

Level perks can be gained every 3 or 4 levels, depending on what traits your character has, using the perk selection window that appears on the character screen whenever it is possible for you to acquire a new ability.

Any support perk can be gained at any time through talking to an NPC that gives it, provided that your character meets its requirements. There is no limit as to how many support perks a character can have.

Weapon perks denote special qualities that some of the weapons have, and cannot be influenced in any way by players, save for upgrading the weapon.

Regardless of its type, gaining a perk permanently unlocks its bonus, e.g. gaining Lifegiver increases the number of hit points your character has forever. There is no possibility of reverting the choice of a perk once the decision has been made. It is entirely up to the player to decide whether or not s/he wishes to gain a perk when given the possibility; no system exists to randomly select a perk should no decision be made by the player.

It is important to note that omitting to choose a perk at a given level results in its loss if then another level is reached such that it would normally allow your character to choose a perk additional to that which you decided not to acquire when given the option.

Some perks have more than one rank, i.e. it is possible to gain them more than once. Typically, the higher the rank of a perk, the greater the bonus it gives is. Requirements may vary for different ranks of a perk, usually the higher the rank, the higher the skill/level requirements that must be met prior to acquiring it are.

Note: When determining what perks can be gained by a player, the game checks his/her nominal statistics. It is therefore impossible for a character whose base Strength is 5 to take a perk requiring at least 6 points of Strength, for example, even if s/he temporarily gains a point of Strength by using a strength-enhancing drug prior to opening the perk selection window or initiating a dialogue with an NPC.

Table of Current Perks

Support perks are marked with an asterisk; weapon perks are excluded.

Name Rank/number of ranks Required level Other requirements Bonus
Action Boy 1/2 12 Agility 6 +1 to Action Points
Action Boy 2/2 15 Agility 6 +1 to Action Points
Adrenaline Rush 1/1 3 Strength 5 HP loss effects DT's and DR's incremental increase at certain thresholds
And Stay Back 1/1 9 SG 150% You've mastered a Shotgun technique that has increased chance to knock enemies back. You are twice as likely to cause knockback with shotguns.
Arsonist 1/1 9 Requires pyromaniac perk. 1.2 fire damage multiply.
Awareness* 1/1 n/a Every character starts with it. Hovering the cursor over a critter displays detailed information about it
Better Criticals 1/1 12 SG, BG, EW, or Throwing 175% Much more devastating critical hits
Better HtH Criticals 1/1 15 Close Combat 100% Power of criticals increased by 25% when unarmed or using melee weapons
Blessed Are the Weak 1/1 9 First Aid 125% Ability to heal weakened individuals
Bonus HtH Attacks 1/1 18 Close Combat 180% -1 AP to HtH attack cost
Bonus HtH Damage 1/1 3 Close Combat 75% +7 to melee damage
Bonus Move 1/1 3 Agility 6 +2 APs that can only be expended for movement in TB combat
Bonus Ranged Damage 1/2 9 SG or BG 150% +2 to a weapon's damage range when using small or big guns
Bonus Ranged Damage 2/2 12 SG or BG 175% +2 to the weapon's damage range when using small or big guns
Bonus Rate of Fire 1/1 18 SG, BG, EW or Throwing 180% -1 AP to ranged attack cost, except if throwing melee-class items
Cautious Nature* 1/1 n/a Perception 6, Outdoorsman 100% +3 to Perception when determining placement in random encounters
Comprehension 1/1 3 Intelligence 6 You pay much closer attention to the smaller details when reading. You gain 50% more skill points when reading books.
Center of Mass 1/1 15 SG 200% or BG 200% You don't fool around with fancy trick shots. Straight to the midsection and down they go. You do an additional 15% damage to the torso.
Cyborg 1/1 15 Doctor 60%, Science 60% You've made permanent enhancements to your body! Add 10% to your Normal Damage Resist, Poison Resistance, and Radiation Resistance.
Dead Man Walking* 1/1 n/a Intelligence 5, Doctor 50% Doubled negative HP capacity
Demolition Expert 1/1 n/a Traps 125% No unwanted explosions and extra damage for the wanted ones
Dismantler* 1/1 n/a Science 150% Doubled amount of resources received from dismantling items
Dodger 1/1 12 Agility 8 +20 to AC
Earlier Sequence 1/1 3 Perception 5 +2 to Sequence
Educated 1/1 6 Intelligence 4 +2 to SP per level
Explorer* 1/1 n/a Outdoorsman 150 Faster world map travelling
Faster Healing* 1/1 n/a Intelligence 6, Doctor 75% +5 to healing rate
Flower Child 1/1 6 Endurance 5 With this perk, the player character is 50% less likely to be addicted to chems and the withdrawal time is half that of a normal person.
Gain Agility 1/1 12 Agility 8 +2 to Agility
Gain Charisma 1/1 12 Charisma 8 +2 to Charisma
Gain Endurance 1/1 12 Endurance 8 +2 to Endurance
Gain Intelligence 1/1 12 Intelligence 3 +2 to Intelligence, +66 Skill Points
Gain Luck 1/1 12 Luck 8 +2 to Luck
Gain Perception 1/1 12 Perception 6 +2 to Perception
Gain Strength 1/1 12 Strength 8 +2 to Strength
Gecko Skinning* 1/1 n/a Outdoorsman 50% Ability to skin geckos
Ghost 1/1 12 Sneak 150% +30 bonus to Sneak when within 5 hexes from a wall
Harmless* 1/1 n/a Charisma 6, Steal 125% Halved reputation loss when stealing
Healer 1/1 3 First Aid 75% +15-30 to hit points healed using First Aid
Heave Ho! 1/1 6 Throwing 100% +1 to Strength when calculating how far you can throw
Hit the Gaps 1/1 12 Close Combat 150% -50% to your target's armor's critical modifiers
HtH Evade 1/1 6 Close Combat 75% +20 to AC when both item slots are empty
In Your Face! 1/1 9 Close Combat 125% Attackers' chance to hit you drops significantly if s/he is standing on a hex next to yours
Iron Grip 1/1 12 Strength 8 Reduced chance of dropping a weapon or having an arm crippled when hit
Lifegiver 1/2 12 Endurance 6 Gives 1 * 4 * Character Level to hit points
Lifegiver 2/2 15 Endurance 6 Gives 2 * 4 * Character Level to hit points
Light Step 1/1 n/a Traps 50% Chance to set off a trap reduced by 50%
Livewire 1/1 3 Agility 6 Doubled AC derived from Agility
Living Anatomy 1/1 12 First Aid 150% +5 to damage when attacking living organisms, better luck when using First Aid
Magnetic Personality 1/1 n/a Speech 100% +50 to party points, +1 to maximum party size
Man of Steel 1/1 15 Endurance 8 Increased resistance to critical hits
Marksman 1/1 12 SG, BG or EW 125% You can hit targets at ranges most people wouldn't attempt. You gain 15% more range with gun attacks.
Master Thief 1/1 n/a Steal 155% Stealing cooldown reduced by 50%
Medic 1/1 15 First Aid 175% Healing cooldowns reduced by 50%
More Critical 1/2 3 SG, BG, EW or Throwing 100% +7% to critical hit chance
More Critical 2/2 6 SG, BG, EW or Throwing 100% +7% to critical hit chance
More HtH Criticals 1/1 6 Close Combat 100% +15% to critical hit chance for HtH/melee attacks
Mr. Fixit* 1/1 n/a Repair 150% Repairing items is easier
Negotiator* 1/1 n/a Barter 150% Reputation lower than neutral is upgraded to neutral when talking to NPCs
Old World Gourmet 1/1 3 Endurance 6, Outdoorsman 45% Thanks to unclean living you've learned the secrets of the lounge lizards! +25% Addiction Resistance and double Hit Point bonus from Snack Foods and Alcohol.
Pack Rat 1/1 6 n/a You can carry more
Pathfinder* 1/1 n/a Outdoorsman 175% 15% faster world map travelling
Pickpocket 1/1 n/a Steal 175% Easier stealing
Pyromaniac 1/2 9 BG 100% +20 to damage when using fire-based weaponry
Pyromaniac 2/2 15 BG 150% +20 to damage when using fire-based weaponry
Quick Pockets 1/1 3 Agility 5 (Un)equipping/picking up items is done at half its normal AP cost. Reloading cost reduced to 1 AP
Quick Recovery 1/1 3 Agility 6 Recovering from knock downs/knock outs costs significantly fewer APs than it normally would
Rad Resistance 1/1 n/a Intelligence 6, Doctor 100% +30% to radiation resistance, +20% to poison resistance
Ranger* 1/1 n/a Outdoorsman 100% Ability to craft several new items, a safe house instead of a tent
Retention 1/1 3 Intelligence 7, Science 75% You can read twice as many books for each skill. No effect on overall book cap.
Right between the Eyes 1/1 15 SG, BG, EW, or Throwing 200% -50% to your target's helmet's critical modifiers
Scout* 1/1 n/a Perception 7, Outdoorsman 150% Faster revealing of the covered areas of the world map
Self-Experimentation 1/1 15 Doctor 60% Thanks to considerable 'research', you know how to get the most out of chems. With this perk, any chems you take last twice as long.
Sex Appeal* 1/1 n/a Speech 75% +250 to reputation when interacting with the opposite sex
Sharpshooter 1/1 9 SG, BG, EW, or Throwing 150% +2 to Perception when determining how far you can see, +8% to your chance to hit
Shotgun Surgeon 1/1 6 SG 75% With this perk, your precision with a scattergun is something to behold. When using shotguns, regardless of ammunition used, you ignore an additional 3 points of a target's Damage Threshold.
Silent Death 1/1 15 Sneak 175% Attacking a critter from behind always causes a critical hit when unarmed, using melee weapons or firing one-handed guns.
Silent Running 1/1 6 Sneak 100% No penalty for running while in sneak mode
Snakeater 1/1 n/a Endurance 6, Outdoorsman 75% +30 to poison resistance and +20 to radiation resistance
Speaker* 1/1 n/a Speech 125% Your followers' loyalty decreases at half the normal rate
Stealth Girl* 1/1 n/a Sneak 100%, Repair 100% Doubled stealth boy's battery life
Stonewall 1/1 9 Strength 6 Better chance of avoiding knock-downs and knock-outs
Strong Back 1/1 6 n/a +22 carry weight capacity
Swift Learner* 1/1 n/a Intelligence 6, Science 50% +10% to all your experience point gains
Thief* 1/1 n/a Steal 100% Luck/50 chance of no cooldown if a stealing attempt has failed
Toughness 1/2 6 Endurance 6 +3 to DT, +8 to DR
Toughness 1/2 9 Endurance 6 +3 to DT, +8 to DR
Treasure Hunter* 1/1 n/a Lockpick 150% Additional items spawn in lockers in random encounters
Tree Trunk Thighs 1/1 6 Endurance 6 Leg shots are much less likely to knock you down
Up and Close 1/1 18 Close Combat, SG, BG or EW 125% You like to get up close and personal in a fight. You do 15% more damage when one hex away from your target.
Voracious Reader 1/1 21 Intelligence 5 You can't get enough books, you can gain skill points from an additional 20 books.
Way Of The Fruit 1/1 6 Charisma 6 You understand the ancient way of the fruit. You enjoy strange and wonderful benefits whenever you eat fruit.
Weapon Handling 1/1 3 SG or BG 100% +2 to Strength when calculating chance to hit

Table of Weapon Perks

Name Bonus/Penalty
Accurate Chance to hit increased by 20%
Bleed 20 % of damage goes into bleed pool
Brutal Your Critical hits have +1 to damage multiplier
Cleave For melee weapons use - makes user to attack everyone some radius around attack vector( splash ) with 120 angle
Crippler Always roll a random cripple on critical with 20% chance boost
Deep Wound 10 more crit roll on critical strikes
Enhanced Knocback 3 hexes distance further knockback
Enhanced Knockout Always roll knockout on critical hit
Fast Reload -1 to reloading cost
Flameboy 20 % of damage goes into burn pool
Increased AOE 1 more hex explosion radius
Ionic Burn 20 % of damage goes into plasma burn pool
Knockback Always roll knockback on critical hit
Line Penetration If in line, then hit them
Long Range Doubled bonus from Perception when calculating chance to hit
Penetrate Target's DT reduced to 20% of its normal value
Reversed Knockback It's a knockback, but wait?? It's reversed!
Scoped +32% to hit chance at the range of 8 or more hexes. At the range of 7 or fewer hexes the hit chance drops to 5%
Rapid Fire Less malus to hit with burst bullets, up to 2 stacks of this perk
Silent Return back to sneak if attacking while sneaking after some delay
Sudden Strike +20% totalDmg if target has full hp for each stage
Suppressive 10% chance to supppess, bursts only
Vicious 7% critical chance boost for each stage of this perk ( critical misses are being affected too )