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Redding is a mining town.
« Come back when you've got a bit more experience under your belt. »

- Earl Marion, the sheriff.


Redding is northern California's primary producer and distributor of gold, which makes the town a target for three major factions : The NCR, New Reno and Vault City. Sooner or later, the town will have to choose its allegiance, despite the fact that there's no perfectly good solution. Several opinions appear in the town itself : The Kokoweef Mine is supporting NCR, while Dan McGrew's Morningstar Mine supports New Reno, and so does the Sheriff. Tensions are usually settled down in the Malamute Saloon, the town's bar.


Redding is one of the few unguarded cities in the northern part of the worldmap, it is also a city where no reputation is needed (When the slavers of Den may attack you or Gecko's ghouls). If you're hated there, the NPC are also quite weak, and you'll be able to handle them if you are man enough. Redding is in the middle of the worldmap, and attracts many players. It is usually a PvP town, even though it is outside the PvP triangle (Den-Klamath-Modoc). Redding is interesting because it's a town that contains several entrance points and a lot of buildings in which to take cover quickly. Many strategies are possible in this city.


  • You can mine gold nuggets and sell them in the Redding bank.
  • The shit shoveling is enabled in Redding, since there is a brahmin pen near the South Side entrance (On the left). A beginner or a low-level player may earn his first caps and xp here, but take care ! As city is not safe, you may get killed easily, for a few caps.
  • Redding also contains some quests.
  • There is also a workbench, in an abandoned storehouse, at the top-right corner of the map.
  • You can trade with merchants, like the Sheriff Marion or the Casino leader, Ascorti.
  • The Malamute Saloon bartender can rent you rooms or trade some stuff.
  • The doctor can heal you, in the bottom left corner of the map.
  • The Town Control system often makes this town a battlefield, as competeing factions vie for control. The city's leader is the Sheriff Earl Marion.
  • There is a mine in town, behind Morningstar Mine.
  • This town is one of the best places to fight - or get killed - in FOnline: Forever.


  • Downtown
  • Mine
  • South Side

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Redding is located at Grid 14:11 (central western area).

Real World Redding, CA

Fallout 2's "Redding" is based on the real city of [CA]. There really was extensive gold mining in the area (several small valleys in the area are extensively littered with mine tailings, which are now used as gravel quarries) and a casino.