The Rail Line Gang

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In the NCR, talk to Feargus in the lobby of Tandi's office. He will send you to Gunther, the well-dressed man in the next room. He will tell you that the NCR is trying to clean the railroad to make it usable again, but that somewhere a gang (The Horatius Rail Line Gang) is causing trouble. You have to go there and get rid of the gang by any way possible.

The gang is camping towards the northeast of the NCR. Use your skills to take them out (Anything so that they don't disturb the peace anymore).

Note: Railway Gang thugs will remember characters who attacked them.



Spoiler Items in the ad-hoc location Images
Count Item Name Image
157 caps Caps.gif
2 10mm SMG Uzi.gif
1 10mm Pistol Pistol.gif
40 10mm JHP 10mmjhp.gif
30 10mm AP 10mmap.gif
1 Sawed-Off Shotgun Soshotgn.gif
7 12 ga. Shotgun Shells Ssshells.gif
2 Grenade (Frag) Grenadeo.gif
1 Flare (Orange) Flareon.gif
1 Brass Knuckles Brsnuck.gif
2 Spear Spear.gif
3 Old Shovel Rustyshovel.gif
1 Part of a Rope Ropepart.png
1 Metal Pole Metal pole.gif


This is one of the quests that allow you to discover the train station locations. Others include: