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Vehicles give their users the ability to move much faster on the world map. They have to be refueled and repaired from time to time.

Important Notes

  • You can park a vehicle in a random encounter, leave it there and still get back to it from the map (unless someone else finds it and steals it).
  • When you park your car in a random encounter, everyone who is traveling nearby can also find it and take it.
  • Parking in towns is also a bad idea because everyone can Lockpick your car and drive away.
  • To park your care safely, always use private locations such as bases or tents.
  • Outdoorsman is not applied while in a vehicle, and the driver automatically notices 95% of Random Encounters.
  • Leader's charisma is ignored when traveling by a car.
  • Vehicles have a different spawn point than normal humans, and this can be useful in a well-organized attack.
  • Vehicles behave differently in Turn-Based and Real-Time combat.
  • Using the Science skill on a vehicle will enable you to check the deterioration, key number, and fuel supply of a vehicle without having to take it to the world map.
  • A vehicle can be lock-picked, after which the key is no longer needed to drive it. There is no way to undo this once it is done.
  • Vehicles no longer have dynamic prices, the prices listed below are current as of 09/01/2014 for Todd and 14/01/2014 for T-Ray
  • Be careful not to transfer key to the trunk of the vehicle because it will be LOCKED in trunk and you need to Lockpick trunk to get the key.

Getting a Vehicle

There are three options when it comes to purchasing a vehicle in the game. T-Ray in New Reno sells a variety of vehicles. Todd in Junkyard. Your last option for purchasing a vehicle is to trade with another player. The other method is to simply take one, or get lucky enough to find a Special Encounter with one of the ultra-rare vehicles.

T-Ray, the car salesman in New Reno.

T-Ray in New Reno

You can buy vehicles from T-Ray in New Reno (Gas Station area, at the north-east). Just talk to him with caps in your inventory and you'll be able to buy a vehicle. The vehicle will spawn right after that near you, in T-Ray's garage, and you'll have a key in your inventory. Each Vehicle Key has a unique key number that matches its vehicle.

Junkyard above San Francisco.

Resident in Junkyard

The only other place to get a vehicle from a NPC Merchant is in Junkyard. In the garage you will find a single Merchant that you can talk to. He will tell you that he can fix up a vehicle for you, but he needs a part. He will tell you to come back with a Fuel Cell Controller. After you complete that task and have the caps to pay him, you will be able to buy a new car from him. It will spawn outside the garage and you will have the key in your inventory.

Special and Random Encounters

From time to time you will encounter other players with vehicles or ones lost by their owners. In the more uncommon Special Encounter, you will sometimes find an exceptionally rare vehicle. In either case, the vehicle may need to be lock-picked, the key must be stolen, or simply taken by brute force.

Using a Vehicle

With the vehicle's key in your inventory, just click on the vehicle to move on the worldmap with it. Players that have tagged you will have an option to follow you, if they are close enough. You can't go to worldmap in a vehicle without fuel. Lockpick works also, see Important Notes above.

Vehicle Maintenance

If your vehicle runs out of fuel it will stop on the world map. To refuel a vehicle, click on it to use the inventory (bag) icon and then select Small Energy Cells or Micro Fusion Cells in your inventory. Alternately, you can refuel a vehicle with Rot Gut if the vehicle has the Rot Gut Engine Upgrade. You will also have to repair it from time to time (Using the Repair skill) with a Tool or Super Tool Kit in your hand.

New Keys

T-Ray will make a copy of your Vehicle Key, for caps. Just talk to him and select the right option when holding a key in hand. If someone else gets your vehicle key, they can drive your vehicle if they find it wherever you parked it. Some players prefer keyless vehicles for convenience. A vehicle's key also opens the vehicle's trunk.


To sell your car, you need to visit someone who will be interested in this. Talk with T-Ray or Todd in the Junkyard or any caravan dealer when holding key to car in hand. Keep in mind that car must be on same map, as car dealer.

Vehicle List

These are the different vehicles you can find in FOnline: Forever.


A Cockroach, somewhere in the wasteland.

Cockroach is the cheapest car in FOnline: Forever.


A Buggy, waiting for its owner in NCR.
  • Sold by T-Ray
  • Base Price: 15,000 caps
  • Slots: 2
  • Trunk volume: 60
  • Max. fuel: 50
  • Fuel consumption: 0,19 per square
  • Speed: 0,46 square per second
  • Deterioration rate : 0,78% per square


A Scout, parked in New Reno.

The Scout is a fair car, the best of the smaller cars in FOnline.

  • Sold by T-Ray
  • Base Price: 20,000 caps
  • Slots: 4
  • Trunk volume: 120
  • Max. fuel: 60
  • Fuel consumption: 8 squares per fuel unit
  • Speed: 0,23 square per second
  • Deterioration rate: 0,32% per square


A Hummer in front of the Brotherhood of Steel Lost Hill's bunker.

The Hummer is a big car that can carry several passengers. It is imported from Fallout Tactics, where it belonged to BoS. It's the main car used for groups of players.

  • Sold by T-Ray
  • Base Price: 50000 caps
  • Slots: 10
  • Trunk volume: 144
  • Max. fuel: 120
  • Fuel consumption: 0,75 per square
  • Speed: 0,36 square per second
  • Deterioration rate : 0,19 % per square


A nice Highwayman, in T-Ray's garage.

The Highwayman is the car you can drive in the original Fallout 2.

  • Sold by T-Ray
  • Base Price: 120000 caps
  • Slots: 6
  • Trunk volume: WIP
  • Max. fuel: 80


A truck and its proud owner.

Out of all the vehicles the truck has the biggest trunk.

  • Sold by Todd
  • Base Price: 100,000 caps + Fuel Cell Controller
  • Slots: 10
  • Trunk volume: 1200
  • Max. fuel: 200
  • Fuel consumption: 1 squares per fuel unit
  • Speed: 0,33 square per second
  • Deterioration rate: 0,10% per square


A Firetruck, probably. (See image notes)
  • Sold by Todd
  • Base Price: 70,000 caps + Fuel Cell Controller
  • Slots: 6
  • Trunk volume: A lot
  • Max. fuel: 100
  • Max. water: 100
  • Fuel consumption: high (exact value tba)
  • Speed: medium/fast (exact value tba)
  • Deterioration rate: fairly high (exact value tba)

Police Car

A Highway Patrol Car, parked in the desert.

The Police Car is one of the best choice to drive in the wasteland.

  • Sold by Todd
  • Base Price: 120,000 caps + Fuel Cell Controller
  • Slots: 4
  • Trunk volume: 120
  • Max. fuel: 40
  • Fuel consumption: 20 squares per fuel unit
  • Speed: 0,4 square per second
  • Deterioration rate: 0,09% per square


A Motorbike, probably. (See image notes)
  • Selled by Todd
  • Base Price: 40,000 caps + Fuel Cell Controller
  • Slots: 2
  • Trunk volume: unknown
  • Max. fuel: 50
  • Fuel consumption: unknown
  • Speed: unknown
  • Deterioration rate: unknown

Chryslus Motors Corvega

Newest vehicle.
  • Sold at Gordon's Gas Station + T-Ray
  • Base Price: 200,000 caps
  • Slots: 4
  • Trunk volume: (to do)
  • Max. fuel: 60
  • Fuel consumption: 60
  • Speed: (to do)
  • Deterioration rate: (to do)


The Vertibird, in the heavily guarded base of Navarro.

Originally developed by the Enclave, the Vertibird can be found in Special Encounter Old Warehouse. It is the best vehicle. You can meet forced Random Encounters regardless of its ability to fly! It's the only vehicle that can go above the ocean. It is the quickest vehicle. It's one of the most powerful pieces of Enclave technology, while the Brotherhood is still patrolling in hummer, the Enclave AND Players can go anywhere quickly with its powerful helicopter rotors. Its is possible to fly over the ocean and to a island for the creation of tents/bases.


The ultimate way to travel across the wasteland, is to use one of the four available trains, which are maintained by the NCR, Vault City, Boneyard and San Francisco. One Train Ticket costs 100 caps. (Details to the train)

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