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In order to support our humble community, I've acquired a non-profit license for a Teamspeak Server, which allows us to host 10 virtual teamspeak3 servers with up to 512 clients at no cost. One public server and additional private servers for factions will be hosted. -Kilgore

Public Server

You can use our public TS server to communicate with your buddies or other players when you're playing FOnline, or if you just want to chit-chat, it's up to you. It's hosted on our fast server with 100 Mbit dl/ul connection so it will easily handle many players.

First, some rules:

  • Our TS server can be used by people who play FOnline: Forever.
  • No spamming, insulting and other disturbing activity is allowed.
  • People breaking the rules will of course be kicked/banned from the server by a TS administrator.
  • If you need a password-protected channel, just contact TS administrator.

How to setup:

  • Download TS3 client from here: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads
  • Install it.
  • Run it from start menu, choose: Connections -> Connect
  • Type "play.fonline-Forever.net" into Server Address field and also provide your nickname.
  • Click Connect.
  • Use Settings -> Setup Wizard to set up your microphone and other settings. Using "Push-to-talk" setting is recommended.

Note: We will never ask you about your usernames, passwords and other such stuff on TeamSpeak. If someone does, report it.

Private Servers

Factions that are involved in organized PvP activities will still need private servers for obvious reasons. This is where additional private servers come into play. If your faction needs a private TS server, you can send a request to Kilgore via forum PM. What's required:

  • Faction must be active on FOnline: Forever.
  • Faction must be involved in Town Control activities.
  • Request should include name and short description of the faction.
  • Request should include number of slots required.
  • Request should include a short reason why do you need TS server.
  • After you send your request, wait some time for it to be approved.

Additional Notes

  • FOnline: Forever developers and GMs are not obliged to provide any additional support of your virtual server once it is set up.
  • Nothing is guaranteed, however your private server should always be online whenever the FOnline: Forever game server is online.
  • Private servers are completely free to use, of course.